State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia
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About the Bar

The State Bar of Georgia exists to foster among the members of the Bar of this state the principles of duty and service to the public; to improve the administration of justice; and to advance the science of law. All persons authorized to practice law in this state are required to be members.

The Bar has strict codes of ethics and discipline that are enforced by the Supreme Court of Georgia through the State Bar's Office of the General Counsel. Membership license fees and other contributions help the Bar provide programs that are mutually beneficial to its members and the general public.

State Bar of Georgia Statistics

Following are statistics regarding members as of June 3, 2024:

Total active members in good standing: 42,337
Total inactive members in good standing: 7,940
Total emeritus members: 4,490
Total affiliate members: 13
Total student members: 521
Total foreign law consultants: 10
Total: 55,311

Total Active: 42,337; In-state Active: 34,407
Total Inactive: 7,940; In-state Inactive: 2,672
Total Out-of-State Members: 13,198 (included in above total)
Total Female: 21,760; In-state Female: 15,823


How to Join the State Bar

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